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How many years has the company been operating?
It has been ten years since 2005
How is the quality? Is it guaranteed?
Non-artificial damage, natural damage to the appliance within 12 months warranty replacement.
How to get more information about zeroHero coffee appliance products?
According to the product you want to buy, you could find the corresponding product in zeroHero products, please click on the product and inquire about the detailed product introduction and information
What should I do if the coffee appliance does not work?
Each product will have a manul or video explaining how to use it in detail, and you can also consult our customer service for consultation.
How long does it take for a Cavalier milk pump to froth milk?
A: Add whole milk to about one third of the cup and hold the cup of the milk frother with your own hands and pull the lever for about 20-30 seconds, you can make fine, mellow and firm milk froth very
How can I adjust the thickness of the hand grinder?
The grinder can be adjusted to grind different thicknesses of powder by dial the dial plate under the beans container to feet coffee makers to extract the taste coffee.there are videos in operation vi
What should I pay attention to when using the grinder for the first time?
When the grinder is used for the first time, please put some coffee beans in and grind it, then throw it out after grinding.After grinding the coffee powder, use the cleaning brush to clean it up.
How many grams of coffee beans or coffee powder can a sealed glass canister hold?
A: The 500ml of container is about 180g, 700ml is about 270g, 1000ml is about 360g, 1200ml is about 500g coffee beans