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Chengdu exhibition | hero x cafetown, online and offline super linkage, Exelent!

Editor:zeroHero coffee toolsDate:2022-03-06 14:02

A feast for coffee people, the 2021 Chengdu International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo will be grandly opened on July 8. Let's meet in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, start with a cup of mellow coffee, and walk into the city!

1: zeroHero Wuming electric kettle, powerful show at the game!

The World Coffee Brewing Competition (known as the World Brewers Cup, WBrC for short), known as the Coffee Olympics, own a high reputation in the coffee industry for its professional competition level and excellent competition service experience. Reputation has also become one of the criteria for measuring excellent baristas in the field of coffee brewing. Every year, the competition is held in different countries and cities, with as many as 56 member states.
The nameless hero electric kettle, because of its excellent quality, has won double recognition from users and the industry, and has become the designated special electric kettle for the 2022 World Brewing Competition, helping the contestants to brew high-quality coffee and making a good match for the players. Achievements help, help the industry to prosper and develop.

2: The zeroHero coffee appliance makes a stunning appearance!

The exhibits include the acclaimed propeller grinder series, Huayan filter cup series, and Dingyuan ice drip pot series;

Pour over support and hammer cups with a sense of ritual to enhance the taste of life;

There are also new products to open their first offline exhibition: the power player - the flagship version of the electric hand punch quantum box and the beautiful handicraft - the hammer pot.
Each equipments will be introduced to you in detail, dedicated to more coffee lovers who have completed their own specialty coffee enlightenment here

Chengdu, a city that you don't want to leave when you come.
Here, slow down and walk around the streets of Chengdu, enjoy the slow life.

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