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Beijing exhibition | hero x cafetown, The 9th China International Coffee Exhibition,Wonderful exhibition!

Editor:zeroHero coffee equipmentDate:2022-03-06 14:02

The 9th China International Coffee Exhibition, Hero and Coffee Town, as a original brand born in Beijing, will bring you a unique exhibition in its own home base.
This time, we will carry out the theme of "playing" throughout.

There is so much interaction between coffee friends:
The popularity of the Beijing Coffee Exhibition is beyond imagination. The Hero booth was surrounded by fans . The fans not only drank the specialty coffee brewed by our baristas, but also made the coffee by themselves.

Although some viewers did hand-brewing for the first time, they performed well under the guidance of the barista.
The audience who came to the booth also gained something, exchanged their thoughts on coffee, and became friends with us.

It’s our mission to let more people can drink good coffee since our establishment in 2005.
We go all out in the R&D of coffee equipment and  selection of coffee beans, and also spread the culture of specialty coffee.
"Excellent Coffee Academy" has always been our coffee knowledge sharing platform.
Here, everyone can enjoy the exchange of specialty coffee culture and learn how to make high-quality coffee. It also provides opportunities for young baristas to be trained by champion baristas.

From novice to professional barista, in another sense, they are no longer simply our loyal users, but old friends who resonate with us and grow with us.

What's moving is that there are strangers who brought us gifts made by themselves. We have received the fan's heart
This new product launch is great!
The new product series featuring the theme of "high appearance" has received a lot of attention.

The new walnut support hand-brewing set has ceremony and exquisite shape. The coldness of metal combined with the warmth of  wood is retro and gorgeous.

The new smart coffee scale, geek style, is both smart and advanced.

The white wuming temperature control kettle is our promise to the our fans: to give everyone a white romance.

Autumn in Beijing has added more extraordinary memories to this exhibition

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